Tuesday, July 31, 2007

What is a reusable SCO?

If your project requires that you show a SCO is reusable, then your
instructor has made the same interpretation about SCORM as so many other
people. The end result is spending a lot of time creating chunks of
information that when combined may look like a ransom note.

The most reusable SCO would be a page that says "Welcome". Insert an

), and and LMSFinish() on the page. Now you can use this
for every course you have. You can even give the user a score for it.
This is how the tools that claim to create SCORM from Word work. Your
page can now be served from the ADLnet SCORM 1.2 Self-test, and it will
be conformant. However, instructionally, I believe it will be useless.

How about if you argue that re-usability is not a worthwhile objective
when it requires poor instructional design. I believe that
graphics/multimedia, and even items like glossaries (what SCORM now
calls "Assets") should be re-usable. However, I believe that
restructuring a trackable unit so that it is re-usable is a bad idea,
and a waste of time. For example, ask your instructor to re-use your
project requirement to teach people about the re-usability of PDF
content, or PostScript content, or AICC content, or photocopy content.

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