Monday, January 7, 2008

Using ReadyGo to turn content SCORM Complient

I have been asked by a number of organizations the following: "We are searching for an editing/creation tool that will allow us to transfer our raw content into a SCORM-compliant module that we can then give to our partners for their LMSs. We are looking for an 'off-the-shelf' application that can be purchased."

If the user is able to copy and paste existing content, you should consider ReadyGo Web Course Builder (price is $499 per developer). The software is template-driven -- thereby providing "inherent instructional design" and freeing the course developer from extensive visual layout work (without losing the flexibility of implementing proper Web layouts).

With a simple menu selection, courses can be regenerated for AICC (about 15 different variations already created), SCORM (about 20 different variants based on different LMS capabilities available), no tracking, e-mail based tracking, or tracking through ReadyGo's Server Side Testing module. Depending on the in-house custom LMS interface, it might even be possible to add an interface to that system cost-effectively."

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