Friday, April 11, 2008

advantages of eLearning

Here are some advantages of eLearning:

1. Asynchronous content can be available 24 hours/day. This way, in organizations lie hospitals all 3 shifts of staff can view content during their down time. Also, employees can view the content from home, when a live presenter would be unavailable.
2. If done properly, the content can serve as a just-in-time reference. That is, instead of people memorizing all the procedures, they can learn where to look it up (e.g. a search engine on your training site). Then, they can look up the details as they need them. (Avoid PPT converted to web-viewable content - it is not complete enough for self-paced material or as reference material. Trainees will skip
through it as quickly as possible.)
3. Trainees can view the content over and over until they understand it. Present each topic in 4 or 5 different modalities (e.g. simulation, video, step-by-step procedure, picture sequence, etc.) This way you can reach all different learner. (In face-to-face training the instructor can only address the majority needs.)
4. Content done properly can reach the disabled without needing extra

If you only provide information in an eLearning format, it is important that the content use best of breed web approaches in addition to sound instructional

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