Monday, March 24, 2008

PENS - A better SCORM?

PENS will be a good complement to SCORM.

SCORM covers the following:
1. What page do you launch as the start of each SCO.
2. What files are needed for each SCO
3. How the SCO should send information (and receive it) to the server so
that the server can store it.
SCORM 2004, adds conditions for going from one SCO to another. (I
believe this is what Christie was asking about.)

There are still several other issues that are currently handled in
proprietary manners. The main one is "how does the LMS know that there
is a new package available?" This is what PENS would address. In terms of security, I cannot envision a condition where the fact that a new course is available to an LMS would
need to be encrypted - there is no personal data in this transaction.

I have seen tech support requests where customers need to know how to
load a course built with our tool into their LMS. We have to refer them
to their LMS vendor.

Future issues:
1. How does the LMS report the data it has received or export it for
2. What return access does a learner have once they have taken
(completed) a course?

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