Monday, March 17, 2008

streaming class content ...why?

I am curious as to why so many people want training to be live, streamed content
over the internet? Isn't this a little bit like asking "what is the best
way to listen to radio using my television set?"

Much of the power of the Internet is that the content does not need to
be delivered live. In order to deliver live video content, everyone
needs a very high bandwidth connection (or a tiny display screen for the
content). Textual content contains more information/knowledge per byte
than any other form of delivery, and it can be searched so that people can
get to the content they need much faster.

I am hopeful that trainers/instructors will evolve past the concept
equating PowerPoint slides with narration to web based training. This
is like equating McDonalds(TM) food with nutrition. There is so much
more power that the Internet provides beyond streaming an in-class

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