Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Can my authoring tool support more then one behavior?

How can I verify that my authoring tool supports more than one behavior?

Most authoring tools simply have 1 SCORM behaviour and 1 AICC behaviour. If the author wants a different behaviour, they have to break the courses down to page=SCO. Then, they can pay for the programming effort. In ReadyGo WCB, all the behavior is programmed through JavaScript. Each LMS interface has a file that lists the component pieces used for it during course generation. There are components for the "index.htm" page, for the main/first page, for the bullet pages, for the test pages, for the sidebar, for the services/menu bar, and for the exit page. These different pages play their own role in the lifecycle of a course. The listing is in a .des file. The contents of the .des file are described in a file called “desfile.txt” in the LMS folder. The .des file contains the names of the files that are used in the different places throughout a course (e.g. when a test loads, within the index page, etc.) There is a file called "descriptions.txt" in the "lms" folder that contains a summary of every LMS pack.

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