Thursday, June 4, 2009

More about ReadyGo LMS packs

ReadyGo provides different LMS interface packs based on the behaviors of the different LMSs. For example some LMSs will prevent the student from returning to the content once they have "Completed" it. If you are using that LMS and you want to reuse your courses then you need to set up the interface so that the student's status is reported as "Passed" letting them reuse the course. I am unaware of any tool other then ReadyGo WCB that lets you choose your behavior by changing one option in a pull down menu.

Don't I need a description of what is behind each LMS pack? If I want the student to be able to return after he has completed a course does that mean I need to have you write a new LMS-pack?

The “descriptions.txt” file found with each LMS pack contains a brief description of each LMS’s behavior. ReadyGo will write a new LMS-packs if the LMS does not behave like one that we have already dealt with. Typically it is just easier to write a new LMS-pack and test it with the specific LMS. This way we don’t run into timing or lockout problems.

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