Friday, June 5, 2009

Here is another great question I got. This is a continuation of my last blog.

If someone, like the E-Learning Manager at a company, would make up his mind that for a group of courses the "completion" of a test is given when All tests are taken and for another group of course when 1 test is taken-- then two different behaviors need to be programmed into the course. The LMS would need to work differently. Can the e-Learning manager define all sorts of behaviors? How do you know if the LMS can do this? Can the course deliver the data the way I need to?

This is a difficult issue. Keep in mind that we have to program for any LMS. This would mean even the most minimal LMS. Therefore, the course itself has to handle all the logic. With SCORM 2004, the navigation between SCOs and the calculation of course completion can be assigned to the LMS. In SCORM 1.2, the concept of course completion did not exist – only lesson completion did. So, from this point of view, it is best to think of the LMS as a data storage device only.

When approaching people who have this question, it is best to have a series of examples of what behaviors are available. Then, based on the customer preferences, it is necessary to choose or create the LMS-pack based on what they want. Some examples:
Course completion: Take final test; pass final test; visit certain pages in course; total score across tests above 70%; pass every test with 70%; pass certain tests with 70%; be on course for a certain amount of time; or a combination of these.
Lesson status on restart: If course was previously completed, don’t change status; restart with incomplete every time; send pass/fail instead of complete/incomplete; if course has tests, send pass/fail. If it has no tests, send complete/incomplete; Hide some tests if the student is not taking the course for credit.

Currently ReadyGo provides multiple packs. The course creator then chooses the pack that meets their needs. This way we can trick an LMS to provide more behaviors then they were designed for.

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